This Week in Twats: 2012-04-22

  • And that is how you close out Coachella. Impres­sive. @drdre @snoopdogg #coachel­lalive #
  • The Phillies offense… Best in base­ball? #
  • @Utley4God True. And Jeff Carter was pretty much invis­i­ble tonight. in reply to Utley4God #
  • Atten­tion peo­ple with DVRs: One hot girl just licked another’s chin on the SF broad­cast of Phillies-Giants. #
  • The only way this mes­sage could’ve been more embar­rass­ing for PHI was if it had been in Comic Sans. RT @Six­er­sCEOAdam YOUR OUR TWITTER GM #
  • I get that there are prob­a­bly always bet­ter things to do in San Diego than going to a Padres game, but geez that sta­dium is empty. #
  • Vance Worley’s 2012 photo looks noth­ing like him. #
  • @Eric­Sei­d­man so you’re the one. in reply to Eric­Sei­d­man #
  • @CRM_Stephen If only those ten sec­onds hap­pened in early June instead of mid-April. in reply to CRM_Stephen #

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