This Week in Twats: 2012-05-20

  • The Phillies bullpen will do their best to give this game away. #
  • Do the Phillies announce this game as a sell-out? There are about 18k empty seats. #
  • Oh, moth­er­fucker. I hate this Phillies team. #
  • At least this was an after­noon game for the Phillies. Not as many peo­ple are watch­ing this deba­cle. #
  • Can the Chad Qualls era please end soon? #
  • @ChaseDaniel Stop shilling. No one has asked you about @PentaWa­ter. in reply to ChaseDaniel #
  • Jake Diek­man is the great­est relief pitcher I’ve ever seen. #
  • Okay, Hunter, I guess we’re cool. Nev­er­mind that stuff we said ear­lier. #
  • Announced atten­dance in PHI today: 43,781 (100.3% full). Those num­bers may have been fudged just a tad. #
  • @The­BigLead When did Rig­gins play MLB? If it hap­pened, I have no rec­ol­lec­tion of it. in reply to The­BigLead #

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